About this webproject

With this web project I want to realize two projects that have been important to me for many years.

My relatives and ancestors

Firstly, I have the - perhaps utopian - plan to look for relatives of mine scattered around the world and to come into contact with them. With their help I will try to track down my ancestors as far back as possible.

Today I very much regret that, because of supposedly more important things in life, I have never taken the time to deal intensively and purposefully with this project.

When I was young, my ancestors were something very distant and nothing important to me. You know they existed, but they don't take up too much space in your life. Perhaps a certain amount of age and maturity is necessary for research into one's own origins to become an interesting importance in life.

But then there are no longer many ways to get information. Today I very much regret that I never asked my parents about their parents and relatives. On their own initiative, my parents never talked about their childhood, adolescence or their relatives. Unfortunately, this time of my parents will remain hidden from me forever.

My life story

My second project is much easier to achieve. I want to leave my descendants - children and grandchildren - a report, a biography about my own life. Because if my children should begin to think about their origins and ancestors later, they should at least know more about their parents' lives than I learned from my parents.